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9 May 2006 (updated 10 May 2006) 

David, stick to something you have a clue about. You clearly haven't a clue about Evolution, so piss off.

Your post purposely misleads in order to try and turn the tables. Did I revert a patch? Yes, but it was broken, so I reverted it. I don't need maintainer approval because I *am* a maintainer. Just like I needed no such approval to have committed the patch in the first place as I bent over backwards to try and make you happy. Then I see you insulting me, so fuck that.

You sir are the "fuckwit" as you so eloquently called me according to mclasen.

Maybe you ought to try treating people with a little respect if you want them to do things for you.

9 May 2006 (original entry) 

Fuck you David Woodhouse. Fuck you. Go choke on a bucket of cocks.

I'm referring to your blog post.

Don't you EVER ask me for help again. EVER.

You insult me and claim I'm hard to work with? Pot calling the kettle black, maybe? Go fuck yourself.

4 Jul 2004 

For those of you who are interested, I've moved my blog to http://primates.ximian.com/~fejj/blog

11 May 2004 

Well, it's official. Novell has released the Evolution Exchange Connector under the GPL.

...And there was much rejoicing. Rah.


7 May 2004 

Vengeance is a water vessel with a hole. It carries nothing but the promise of emptiness.

Repay injury with justice and forgiveness, but kindness always with kindness.

-- Master Po

1 May 2004 

Soccer: Watched the San Jose Earthquakes vs DC United match this afternoon and discovered that one of my favourite players (Chris Brown) from my favourite team (New England Revolution) was traded to San Jose.

Currently I'm watning the New England Revolution vs LA Galaxy at Gillette Stadium. Go Revs! Go!

19 Apr 2004 

I just love being insulted by self-proclaimed usability experts. *sigh* wtf.

2 Apr 2004 

Alleyoop: Just downloaded and installed Valgrind 2.1.1 and finally Helgrind works for me, so the first thing I did was added it to Alleyoop. I also discovered that Valgrind 2.1.x has implemented one of my 2 major feature requests, being "Track open file descriptors". Three cheers for the Valgrind developers! Support for this setting is now also in Alleyoop CVS. I'll be releasing a new Alleyoop within the next few days (just want to give translators time to translate the new string I added).

The famous Cynthia: So apparently Cynthia read my blog entry and thought my "*not* from Red Hat" bit was cute ;-)

She also told me I could link to her orkut photo so as to make her even more famous.

And here it is, your moment of Zen

1 Apr 2004 

GNOME: Joined the GNOME 2.6 release party last night at John Harvards. Met up with the local Red Hat folks: Havoc, Jeremy Katz, Jonathan Blandford and his wife, and Nalin. Also met the famous Cynthia (uh, *not* from Red Hat).

Evolution: Thought it might be funny as an April fool's joke to post that the Evolution team has started porting to Qt but that'd probably not help the whole situation... especially since a lot of Slashdotters would probably believe it and start touting it as the truth (it wouldn't be the first time). We wouldn't want to feed the FUD wars any more than we need to (though you have to admit, reading slashdot is for pure entertainment value only - it's like comic relief in the long and serious play we call life).

29 Mar 2004 (updated 29 Mar 2004) 

Exercise: Too cold to go for a run this morning (I was a bit sore still anyway).

Slashdot: Wow, lots of FUD being spread about Novell and Qt. It's pretty funny reading through some of the forum comments on the various sites, especially the speculations about Evolution. No, Evolution is not being ported to Qt. No, Evolution development will not cease. At least not as far as I'm aware, and I think I'd know if either of those were really going to happen. Oh! and someone praised GMime's design and mentioned my new imap4 implementation (maybe, tho he could have been referring to NotZed's imapp implementation - it wasn't really clear).

Evolution: Optimised the current IMAP code slightly today (not really sure how much of a performance impact it really makes, and it probably depends on the IMAP server anyway) by reducing 2 STATUS queries per folder (to get total/unread counts) down to 1. It was pretty silly that we had 2 queries in the first place (with a big FIXME in the code). I think it was probably added temporarily when NotZed changed Camel to cache total counts in the CamelFolderInfo structs in addition to the unread count we already cached. This info will likely come in handy if/when we decide to show the total count in the folder tree.

Got a bunch more of the new imap4 implementation committed to Evolution CVS over the weekend and I'll probably hack a bit on it tonight after I finish blogging. I'm hoping to have something usable by the weekend if I get the time.

New People: Met Nicel today (one of the Novell Indian developers recently assigned to hack on Evolution (Exchange Connector?). Always good to match faces to irc nicknames ;-)

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